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The Aguilar family has always lived in extreme poverty. As their only source of income has been the $250 per month earned from the father’s work as a security guard, there has been little hope for improving the physical conditions of their home. They were living in a one-room shack with dirt floors and tin walls, located in a very dangerous area, for as long as they can remember. The family has always dreamed of living in a dignified home of their own. With their little savings and tiny monthly payments over the course of 12 years, they purchased a small piece of land in an area that is far from gang violence. 

Thanks to the generous contributions of some of our friends at A Night of RED in 2018, we have been able to build them a house, bathroom, shower, cooking area and large basin for washing. Their lives have been completely changed and they have hope for a life beyond extreme poverty.

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Eliseo and Bryan need a bedroom!


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Our team assesses the physical and emotional needs of each family we serve. These needs are then published for our supporters to see. Once the need is donated, our team notifies the family and facilitates the process of administering the needs. 

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