It all started with a calling.

“I was 14-years old when I got on that plane. I know from the second I landed that I was in the right place. I knew I would be coming back to live because this was where God had called me to serve. Ten years later, I moved to El Salvador with high hopes and little knowledge of what all I would do. Since my first trip, I had the opportunity to graduate from high school, receive a Bachelor’s degree from Abilene Christian University and a Master’s degree from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid, Spain).

I moved to the country just two months before the implementation of a new law for children’s rights. Intended for good, the gaps in the law and child protection system in El Salvador leave many children and teens unprotected and without a voice.

Project RED saw a great need and decided to fill the gap. We believe in healthy families and restoration of the broken. We believe in community. We believe that Jesus can restore the broken and that He can use us as facilitators. This is RED.”

  • Kara Wilson García

Kara & Oscar García

Kara & Oscar García


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