The Zetino family had the opportunity to meet both of their wonderful sponsors last year! A Family Sponsorship at Project RED is different than most child sponsorship programs. Because Project RED works with families rather than with individual children, your support goes to helping the family progress together. We hope to have families sponsoring families, so that both sides can be updated on each others’ lives as a family on a regular basis.

Sponsor-title FamSponsor.png

Family Sponsorships are about relationships, which is what we believe is the key to our success as an organization. As sponsors, you will receive an update each year on the latest happenings with your family. You may receive news from them through other outlets as well.

You are also asked to write them a letter or send a video each year with news from your family. These are treasured by our Project RED families! You may email your video to info@project-red.org. You can mail any letters or little gifts (non-perishable, no liquids, and no electronics, please!) to the Project RED address (located at the bottom of this page). We ask that any packages not exceed the size of a shoebox or weigh more than 15 pounds.

Families typically have more than one sponsor. Each family costs Project RED between $300-$400 per month to support. Donation amounts for sponsorships start at $25 per month ($300 per year) and go up to as much as $300 per month. 100% of the donations for family sponsorships go directly to providing for the needs of the families. Sponsorship donations help fund things like:


As our families fluctuate and move through different phases of intervention, we may reassign you to a new family periodically. Rest assured, your entire monthly or annual donation is directly helping a family in need!